Color screen original production process

Color refers to the colorful image of the original image, and the transitional level (or continuous tone). Images composed of dots are reproduced continuously until they are adjusted. This method. When copying a continuous original, it is necessary to convert the continuously changing density image into a halftone image composed of halftone dots through a screen process. On the screen, there are only two states of ink head (ink leakage) and no ink (no ink leakage), and the two levels of black and white are reproduced. When the ink heads are the same, the dots of different sizes can adjust the overall size of the unit area. (Leakage) The smaller the ink rate, the lower the density of the presented image. For halftone images, the density change is approximately continuous when viewed from a distance, which is caused by the visual characteristics of human eyes. Screening technology is to decompose continuous tone images into printable and copyable pixel dot originals through a screen.

The original version of the color screen is completed by a photo separation process. Separation is based on the principle of additive and subtractive methods. The filter color (red, green, blue, yellow) is used to decompose the color of ruby ​​red on the manuscript into yellow, magenta, cyan and black. The original edition, known as "four-color printing", can be printed in five colors and colors if it has special colors such as borders and patterns. The original form is a black and white film, and the image consists of dots. The color separation process has progressed from the original photographic color separation to electronic color separation. In recent years, there have been desktop system production originals.

Source: China Dyeing & Finishing Industry Information Center

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