Treatment of rotten sheets when printing thin paper

Our factory 01 offset press has always been based on printing paper with a basis weight of 50g/m2 or more, but recently accepted a batch of jobs requiring tight schedules, and the printing paper has a basis weight of 25g/m2. In order to save time, the operator did not use the method of first knocking on the paper and then printing on the machine. In this way, due to the lack of firmness at the mouth of the paper, there was a phenomenon of arching when conveyed to the front gauge. The rinsing area corresponding to the paper and the front gauge is rotted after embossing, resulting in waste.

In response to this situation, the operator tried to fix two sheetings on the feeding frame, the position corresponding to the two front gauges, and the pressure point was at a distance of 5mm from the front gauge (finger falling). A cardboard jam width of about 5cm, the downward side must be smooth to prevent obstruction of paper positioning. This indirectly increases the stiffness of the paper, thereby preventing the arching of the paper during positioning. After trial printing, no rottenness appears and time is saved.

Source: "Printing Technology"

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