Beer Die Cutting Experience

Due to the increasing use of beer labels, more and more attention has been paid to the cutting of beer labels. The following is a summary of the experience in the marking of wine labels.

1. Due to the large amount of dusting between the trademarks printed by the offset press, there will be some deviations in the die-cutting process; and the surface of the logo printed by the flexo printer will be printed with UV varnish, so that during the process of die-cutting There is no longer a slight displacement in the plane, which results in a 2 to 3 percentage point increase in the passing rate of the flexo mark compared to the offset mark.

2. If the paper is loose or poorly stiff, it should be die cut at every 500 sheets or 1000 sheets. However, it should be noted that large hard particles must be inspected on the surface and inside of the cardboard, because particles larger than 0.3 mm are enough to damage the edges of the die-cutting tool.

3. If the print is curled in the front, the back mold should be used, and when the print is curled in the front, the positive mold should be used.

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