Frosted packaging film

Frosted packaging film patent application number. 6
Abstract: The utility model relates to a frosted packaging film, in particular to a frosted packaging film which is practical and can bring out the high-grade and exquisite packaging material of the packaged goods. The utility model comprises a printing plastic film layer. On the inner side of the printing plastic film layer is an ordinary ink layer printed with a color picture and text, the outermost layer is printed with a matte ink layer, and the graphic shape of the matte ink layer is fitted on the The graphic area of ​​the normal ink layer is described. Compared with the prior art, the utility model can clearly see the content of the package in a desired position, and can play a matte effect in a position where the decoration is needed, and can achieve an extinction matte effect of any pattern, and the graphic combination thereof. High precision, beautiful appearance, killing two birds with one stone is both practical and brings out the high-end refinement of the packaged goods.

Cardboard Display Stands

Give your goods full amount, full of fresh, well placed all kinds of candy, cookies, fruit and other food.let your product have a level, more tidy and present in front of the customer. Multi-layer space, can allow more styles of goods classification, orderly arrangement, more convenient for people to select.

The advantage of Cardboard display stands
Easy to assemble 
Durable, portable
Original design, color printing
100% quality ensured 

Cardboard Display Stands

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