Positive PS version failure analysis - graphic is too shallow

Fourth, the graphic is too shallow (mainly highlights are not complete):

1, overexposure, should reduce the exposure time, because overexposure, will make light damage to the small outlets.

2, excessive development: should reduce the developer concentration or development time, in order to reduce the corrosion of small dots.

3, the original density is too low, the transmission of light when the screen makes the network smaller, should reduce the exposure and development time or re-plate making the original density of 3.0 or more.

4. The ageing of the rubber pad of the printing machine makes the close-fitting of the PS platen poor, which will make the photodegradation layer of the scattered light photolysis, which will cause the picture to be too shallow. The solution to increase the vacuum degree, the general vacuum degree should be below the 700mm mercury column and should be Minimize the thickness of the original on the original version, so that the original and PS version easy to close.

5, the layout of the coarse sand is too thick: the exposure of scattered light to the edge of the network photolysis, so that damage to lighten the network, you can use fine sand mesh PS version.

6, improper operation of the offset press, resulting in a graphic too shallow:

(1) The offset press is light, the blanket is aged, there is no elasticity, and the liner is not suitable.

(2) The offset roller water pressure is heavy and the ink roller pressure is light.

(3) The ink used in the offset press has a large viscosity and poor fluidity.

(4) Printing plate syrup is not suitable.

(5) The workshop temperature is too low.

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