Mobil launches new low-density polyethylene

ExxonMobil (USA) recently developed two new grades of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) for high-quality composite films and coextruded multilayer films: "Exceed 1008LC" and "Exceed 1 008LE".

This is an improved product of the company's existing low gel LLDPE grades "Exceed 1 008CA" and "Exceed 1 008EB". Grades with low gel content are easy to process, and processed films have better optical properties, sealing properties, and greater tear resistance. The two newly developed analytical tests have shown that the gel content has been reduced to fully meet the production and quality requirements for composite and coextruded films. The large gel content is almost zero with only a small amount of small gels. It is identical to the general gel content grades in terms of processability, film properties, and compliance with food regulatory requirements. Therefore, processing plants and end-users can use it directly to replace old products without the need for performance testing and certification of new grades.

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