ET 200s Profinet

The ET200s Profind interface module can be used in the following areas: automotive industry, handling systems, packaging machinery, machine tools and production lines, secondary applications for the packaging beverage industry, and more.

With this Profinet interface module, the ET 200 I/O can be extended. ET 200s, including two Profinet interface modules, IM151-3 standard and high performance. Based on this product, the ET 200 Profinet system will support the Profisafe failsafe protocol and can build a linear topology network structure. At the same time, the new integrated port IM151-3Profinet interface module also supports basic digital, analog input and output and counters, serial interfaces, motor starters, inverters, pneumatic modules and other functional modules.

If this interface module is used, customers will benefit from the following:
● System and products will be easier to upgrade ● Flexible modules increase availability ● Modules can be updated or replaced in the operating state, ie hot-pluggable technology ● Full support for Profisafe technology ● The module supports both Profinet and Profibus, effectively reducing spare parts.

Source: Packaging Machinery

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