Talking about the Selection and Printing of Reflective Film Marking

The introduction of retroreflective film is relatively early, many roads and railways are equipped with reflective signs, the effect is better, and it greatly eliminates security risks. Reflective film marks were originally applied only in the more important areas due to price. With the development of technology and fierce competition, the price of reflective labels has gradually declined. Many places are now equipped with reflective film marks.

The production of reflective film logos is more difficult than the production of common logos. In general, application of engineering grade reflective film markings requires consideration of the solvent resistance of the reflective film, the drying time of the ink, and the reflective effect of the printed pattern.

First, the choice of ink: Select ordinary color ink printing pattern, the reflective mark produced by the reflective effect is poor, because the ink contains pigments for inorganic pigments, with opacity, although colorful, but covered the reflective effect; using outsourcing Reflective ink printing, the pattern produced by the reflective effect is better, all aspects of performance to meet the requirements, but because the amount of reflective ink is less, the required color is more, and sometimes need to deploy the color, you need to buy a variety of reflective ink Stocks have caused a backlog of funds and the cost has been high. The method of using self-made reflective ink can be formulated according to the amount of use, it will not cause a large amount of ink remaining phenomenon, and the price will be lower than that of the purchased ink.

Second, the production of reflective film logo: First, the preparation of reflective ink, choose a good transparency ink, will not reduce the reflective effect, but also easy to color. At the same time, the ink should have dryness or low-temperature drying, and the drying time should be controlled under 30 mm to prevent the reflective film from being bitten by the solvent; the dye should select transparent organic dyes so that the reflective film maximizes the reflective effect and the organic transparent The dye is first formulated into a mother liquor, the solvent can be selected from xylene, and the concentration is selected according to the supplier's instructions. According to the customer's requirements for the selection of the color, will be a good mother liquor is added to the transparent ink, the amount to be determined by a small test to determine, so as to avoid waste. The adhesion of the ink should be appropriate, generally lower than the viscosity of printing other hard logo inks, in order to avoid sticking, but the viscosity can not be too small or it will cause paste phenomenon, and can not reach the printing requirements of high-precision patterns. The printing of reflective film is not related to ordinary substrates. After printing, it can be dried naturally or dried at low temperature.

Author: Li Tao Sun Source: "Screen printing" 2006.3

Para cord

Military spec 550 cords constructed of 100% nylon with 7 strand high strength core covered by a polyester smooth jacket yielding a minimum tensile strength of 550 pounds. Braided sheath has a high number of interwoven strands for its size, giving it a relatively smooth texture. It is available in assorted colors and all have white core strands. These smaller cords can be used in a wide range of applications from tie-down straps to braided bracelets and any other non-life-safety applications.



• Soft-hand feel

• Good stretch and versatility

•Seven strand Hi - tensile cord is rated at 550 lb

• Ideal rope for outdoor utility applications


Description of Para cord

1. Name: Para cord 550 Parachute Cord Lanyard Rope

2. Material: PP (Polypropylene), Polyester, Nylon

3. Over 100 colors for your choice.

4. Length: 50ft, 100 feet is standard packing.

5. Most popular: 4mm, 7 inner strands, 3 ply twisted line, strength 550LBS

6. Packing: Coil, Hank, Bundle, Reel, Shell Color Bag
7. Diameter Range: 2mm-32mm
8. Structure: 8-Strand, 16-Strand, 24-Strand, 32-Strand, 48-Stran


paracord rope

rope bracelet

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Para Cord

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