Stepless ballast roller type double-sided machine

As a new product of the Capital Aerospace Machinery Corporation, the stepless ballasted crusher double-sided machine is the first in the world to fill the gaps in the same industry at home and abroad, and it is superior to other types of double-sided machines. Its main advantages are as follows:

1. Stepless adjustment of ballast load, widely used in the production of various specifications and different weight of corrugated cardboard

The ballast mechanism is controlled by the hydraulic system to adjust the ballast load steplessly. The maximum ballast load can reach 3280n/m2. It is widely used for three-layer, five-layer and seven-layer corrugated cardboard with different grammage, different width, and various types of rakes. Production.

2. The unique broken roller structure completely overcomes the defects caused by the deformation of the heating box, improves the heat transfer efficiency and saves energy; improves the forming quality of cardboard, reduces the reject rate, completely overcomes the long-term wear of the heating box, the uneven temperature during paper passing, or the manufacturing process The convex and concave defects on the surface during the process can make the corrugated cardboard and the upper surface of the heating box tightly load-coupled in any case, increase the heat transfer efficiency, save energy, and completely avoid the corrugated paperboard during the forming process. Weaknesses, collapses, sticking and sticking are not allowed. Greatly reduce the unnecessary economic losses caused by residual and waste products.

3. Increased ballast quantification display device, accurate display of ballast load, easy operation and convenient production

Whether it is three-layer A cardboard, B-board, C-cardboard, or five-layer AB board, BC board, AC board, or seven-layer board in all combinations. Limitations) Ballast quantification display devices can accurately display the amount of ballast on board (units: Newtons per square meter). Convenient for production management, it also provides a scientific digital basis for the processing and shaping of various kinds of cardboard.

4. Significant savings in power energy resources, depreciation and maintenance costs are extremely low

The power consumption of the double-sided drive motor of the seven-storey 2.2-meter width 18 heat boxes is only 55 kilowatts, and the drive motor power of the pressboard-type double-sided machine is generally 110 kilowatts, which can save 30 percent of the cardboard manufacturers from the electricity bill each year. More than ten thousand yuan. In the stepless crusher-type double-sided machine, in the production of narrow-faced corrugated cardboard, the crushed rollers on both sides can be lifted without exerting any pressure on the conveyor belt and the heating box.

5. Novel and unique cold setting device ensures that the produced corrugated cardboard is more advanced

The cold roller structure is a large-diameter hollow, greatly reducing the natural deflection. The cold press roller adopts a composite structure combining a solid shaft and a hollow sleeve shaft, effectively avoiding the hammering phenomenon and reducing the power of the motor. Improve corrugated board quality and save energy.

The stepless ballast roller-type double-sided machine will bring the production and processing of corrugated board into a new and higher historical period.

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